Trouble for State Bank of India? Chinese hackers target SBI users via phishing, free gift scams – All you need to know | Chinese hackers are targeting users on the pretext of KYC updated, luring free gifts of 50 lakhs on WhatsApp

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  • Trouble For State Bank Of India? Chinese Hackers Target SBI Users Via Phishing, Free Gift Scams All You Need To Know

New Delhi5 minutes ago

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Chinese hackers are now targeting the customers of State Bank of India (SBI). They are sending a link to update KYC to SBI customers along with the phishing scam. Also, with the help of WhatsApp messages, they are also offering free gifts worth Rs 50 lakh. This has been disclosed by the New Delhi-based think tank Cyberpeace Foundation.

The research wing of the foundation in association with Autobot Infosec Pvt Ltd studied two such incidents in the name of SBI. In these cases, smartphone users got a link to KYC update and a free gift of 50 lakhs. The domains used in these are related to China.

Case 1: Sending KYC update message

  • In the first case, the customer was texted with a link to the KYC verification. When the link was opened, the landing page opened like the official SBI. In this, the ‘Continue to Login’ button has been given to complete the KYC details. Like the official website, it also asks the customer for the captcha along with the confidential details like username and password for banking login.
  • It then asks for the OTP received on the user’s mobile number. Here as soon as you enter the OTP, it redirects the user to another page. Here the user is asked to re-enter some confidential information like account number, mobile number, date of birth. After giving all the data, it asks the user to enter the OTP once again.
  • According to the researcher, this campaign has been shown as State Bank of India, but it hosts the user on a third party domain instead of the bank’s official website Due to which all the details of the user are stolen. It is designed like the campaign page of SBI. Also, the features of NetBanking are also kept the same.

Second case: Free gift of 50 lakhs

  • In the second case, messages are being sent to SBI customers to give free gifts on their WhatsApp. For this, a link is also being sent to them in the message. When this link is opened, the customer is first greeted by SBI. He is then asked to participate in a quick survey to get a free gift of Rs 50 lakh. A comment box was also shown at the bottom of the page. Where Facebook users have commented. The benefits of the offer are explained in these comments.
  • The researcher opened these links on a smartphone that did not have WhatsApp installed. Research has advised not to open such messages coming on social media. The URL of the link suggests that not only SBI but also IDFC, PNB, IndusInd and Kotak Bank users can be victimized.

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