Tripura: Man allegedly kills wife, mother-in-law, chopped body in front of his children


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A shocking double Murder has surfaced in Tripura. Here a person is accused of killing his wife and mother-in-law and slicing his body in front of his children. Seeing this dreadful scene of murder, the children are scared with fear. Police said that the accused himself consumed poison in his in-laws house after committing the murder. Police is investigating the case. As of now, the reasons for the murder have not been known.

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The incident happened on Monday in Dhalai district of Tripura. The local people reported the incident to the police after seeing two women soaked in blood and children crying. Police said that the accused hails from Hapania in West Tripura and was found unconscious in another room.

Sub Divisional Police Officer Ashish Das Gupta said, “We have arrested the accused and underwent a medical examination. Traces of poison have been found in his body, but his condition is out of danger. The intent of the attack so far Could not be known because we have not been able to interrogate him yet. ”

Officials said that the accused is undergoing treatment at the GBP Hospital in Agartala and will be produced in the court. He said that the children have been handed over to the Dhalai Child Welfare Officer.


According to the initial investigation by the police, the wife and children of the accused had stayed at their grandmother’s house for the last four months.

Video: Panic due to double murder, 3-4 people seen leaving home on CCTV


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