Toxic foam seen on Yamuna River near ITO, Watch Video – White poisonous foam spread in Yamuna, comments on social media – this is Delhi in Delhi


Have you seen such a scene in Yamuna before?

As pollution is increasing in Delhi, how can the river remain untouched by it? Yamuna It is also getting continuously corrupted, an example of which was seen again today. Yamuna again saw poisonous white foam. This froth, spread like a white sheet, seemed like a picture of an icy place, but the reality is far from it. Dirty water and garbage are being thrown into the Yamuna continuously from the factories and sewers and it is always said that the Yamuna is being cleaned. Such a picture of Yamuna is not the first time.

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Comments are coming fiercely on these pictures on social media as well. One user did not write that this always happens in winter. After seeing this, who will need a bubble bath in a 5 star hotel. One even described it as an ideal place for a photoshoot. One wrote sarcasm at the Kejriwal government and said that hey you really made it into the river Thames. One wrote – O God, Delhi will become London. One wrote that this is Delhi in London.


Let me tell you that last month, the Supreme Court had heard about the pollution of Yamuna river and also sought an answer from the Haryana government. Court friend Meenakshi Arora said that on January 18, the water quality level was good, the level of ammonia is also under control. If it is controlled then it can be better. Meenakshi Arora said that the NGT has formed a monitoring committee for the Yamuna river, its report should be seen by the court.

Haryana’s lawyer Shyam Dewan opposed the Delhi Jal Board’s petition. Shyam Dewan had said that the problem regarding Yamuna is within Delhi, not from Haryana. He said that no one wants pollution. Haryana is being presented as if Haryana is the root of the problem.


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