Torbaaz Actor Raaj Singh Arora Says Everyone Should See Torbaaz in areas affected by terror


Raaj Singh Arora

new Delhi:

Actor Raj Singh Arora played the role of a cricket coach in the film Torbaaz released last week. The story of the film is set in Afghanistan. In the film, Sanjay Dutt’s character is determined to mold the future of young boys as aspiring cricketers who want to learn to live a normal life, while a group of extremists want to train children as suicide bombers.
Actor Raj Singh Arora expresses his views saying, “I am stunned to see the response the film is getting, the audience is appreciative of our hard work. The film has a story of hope and also Terrorism has been discussed from a human point of view. “

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Raaj Singh Arora said, “The Taliban is transforming innocent children and their helpless families into trained suicide bombers in Afghanistan in the name of jihad. Although the story is fictitious, it has some real-life connections. The film is trending globally and is one of the top 10 films on that platform. Similar situation prevails in Jammu and Kashmir in India. The militants continue to influence the youth in the valley for anti-social activities. It has long been The conflict is going on, killing many people. Many militant groups with radical Islamic views emerged and converted the activities into Islamic ideals. This became possible only when Islamic jihadis and mujahideen militants from across the border got a large group. Convenience. “


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Raaj Singh Arora further said, “Terrorism is a global problem today in Pakistan, Bangladesh, UAE, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Malaysia, and other terror-stricken countries of the world. Our content together since 190 due to digital platforms Has premiered in more countries. The film positively highlights the victory of good over evil. ” He said, “I am sure that under Section 370, youth and children in the Valley will get exposure to a lot of opportunities to work and play. If we take an example of tourism, which is an integral part of the economy of Jammu and Kashmir Was, we saw a decline due to the insurgency in it. But when there is peace in the region. Domestic and international tourism will rebound. Torbaaz is a powerful film and I am proud to be a part of it. I want everyone to see this film, Terror-affected areas must see this film. I am sure the film’s story will resonate with them. ”


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