Top Five Longest Goals In Football History; Patrik Schick Long Shot Goal vs Scotland | This record is not in the name of Beckham or Ronaldo, but in the name of 5 goalkeepers; Tom King scored from 105 yards this year

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  • Top Five Longest Goals In Football History; Patrik Schick Long Shot Goal Vs Scotland

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Tom King of Newport County scored from 105 yards, which is a world record. King’s name is recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records.

In the Euro Cup on Monday, Patrick Chik of the Czech Republic scored a brilliant goal from 49.7 yards against Scotland. His goal is also the longest distance scored in this tournament. Earlier this record was held by German midfielder Torsten Frings. He scored from 38.6 yards at the 2004 Euros. However, it is outside the top-14 for longest distance goals overall.

Whenever there is talk of longest distance goals, we think of players like David Beckham, Xabi Olanso, Cristiano Ronaldo and Paul Scholes. But none of these goals are recorded in the world’s longest distance goal.

Beckham’s half-way goal against Wimbledon and Olonso’s nearly 30-yard goal against Newcastle are also not among the top-5 long goals in the world. You will be surprised to know that the top 5 longest distance goals have been scored by goalkeepers. We are telling you about the goal scored from the longest distance ever…

1. Tom King

The record for the longest distance scored is held by goalkeeper Tom King. He scored from 105 yards (96.01 m) against Cheltenham Town while playing for Newport County in January this year. He attempted the goal from his box, which went into the goal, dodging the goalkeeper of the opposite team. His goal was also included in the Guinness Book of World Records. King broke the record of former Chelsea goalkeeper Asmir Begovic in this matter.

2. Asmir Begovic

Apart from Chelsea, goalkeeper Begovic has also played for Stoke City club. He made a record that was not broken for 7 years while playing for English club Stoke City in November 2013. This match was played between Stoke City and Southampton. The match ended in a tie, but history was written for Begovic. He shot 100.5 yards ie from his box, which fell into the goal of the opposite team. Begovic not only held the record for the longest distance scored by a goalkeeper at that time, but also for the fastest goal scored by a goalkeeper. He scored this goal in just 13 seconds.

3. Mattias Dituro

Goalkeeper Dituro scored from 95 to 100 yards (86.8 m to 91.4 m) in April 2017, which was the second longest goal at the time. At present it is at number three. There is a funny story behind Dituro’s goal. Actually the last few minutes were left in this match against San Jose Club. The San Jose team was trailing 2-1. So all his players including the goalkeeper were on the attack. Dituro took advantage of this and fired a long shot from his goal area in the 95th minute, which fell into San Jose’s goal. This goal, however, was not officially majored.

Mattias Dituro scoring a goal against San Jose.

Mattias Dituro scoring a goal against San Jose.

4. Tim Howard

Goalkeeper Howard scored a brilliant goal from 95 to 100 yards (86.8 m to 91.4 m) while playing for Everton in January 2012. Actually this match was played between Everton and Bolton Wanderers. However, Howard is not known for this goal, but for the celebration not behind it. Howard called the goal cruel and refused to celebrate it in honor of Bolton’s goalkeeper Adam Bogdan.

Howard said that I was very excited to score a goal and I had never done it before. I didn’t celebrate the goal because Bogdan missed it. This often happens with goalkeepers. I didn’t want to let them down. It happens in matches and you shouldn’t think too much about it.

5. Andy Lonergan

In October 2004, goalkeeper Lonergan, who played for Preston North End club, scored a goal that hardly anyone could have imagined. In the match against Leicester City, he scored from 95 to 100 yards (86.8 m to 91.4 m).

During the match, in the 39th minute, Lonergan made a long shot on the pass of his team’s Matt Health. The ball went over Leicester City goalkeeper Kevin Pressman and went into the goal. The match was a 1-1 draw.

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