Tokyo Olympics Opening ceremony Live Indian team march past will be at number 21 athletes from 205 countries are participating | Indian team’s march past will be at number 21, athletes from 205 countries are participating

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Tokyo’s main Olympic stadium during the opening ceremony.

The opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics, which was delayed by a year due to the Corona epidemic, started. Usually the opening ceremony and the march past of players from all countries are one of the highlights of the Olympic Games. But, this time due to Corona, only 1000 players and officials are present in this program. The Indian team will come at number 21 in the players’ march past.

This time around 11,238 players are vying for 339 gold in 33 sports in the Olympics. Emperor Naruhito of Japan will also attend the opening ceremony.

Protesters protesting the Olympics on the streets of Tokyo.

Protesters protesting the Olympics on the streets of Tokyo.

Protest outside the stadium
The residents of Tokyo are opposing this Olympics being held in the Corona period. On Friday also, before the opening ceremony, protesters gathered outside the main stadium and raised slogans against the Olympics.

20 players from India will take part in the march past

In view of the threat of Corona, the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) has allowed only 20 Indian athletes to participate in the opening ceremony. Apart from this, 6 officers have been asked to attend. Also, the players whose event is on the first day of the Olympics have been asked not to take part. This time 124 athletes from India are participating in the Olympics. Of this, 69 will be male and 55 female athletes and the rest will be staff members. Indian athletes will present their claim for 85 medals this time. India has appointed men’s hockey team captain Manpreet Singh and six-time boxing world champion MC Mary Kom as flag bearers for the opening ceremony.

America’s first lady reached the stadium
Jill Biden, wife of US President Joe Biden, has arrived at the Olympic Stadium. 613 athletes from America are participating in this Olympics.

In the Olympics, the medal will have to be worn around the neck
Every athlete who competes in the Olympics dreams of winning a medal. Athletes who have won are awarded medals on the podium. This moment also becomes the most memorable moment of his life, but due to the Corona epidemic, it will not happen in the Tokyo Olympics. This time the winning athletes will themselves have to put the medal around their neck. Also, there will be a ban on shaking hands and hugging of athletes during medal ceremonies.

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