Tokyo Olympics News Updates: Tokyo Olympics 2021 Covid positive cases increase 19 people including 3 players corona infected; Opening Ceremony at 4.30 PM | 19 people including 3 players corona infected; Opening Ceremony at 4.30 PM

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  • Tokyo Olympics News Updates: Tokyo Olympics 2021 Covid Positive Cases Increase 19 People Including 3 Players Corona Infected; Opening Ceremony At 4.30 PM

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So far 106 people have been corona infected in the Tokyo Olympics.

The official start of Tokyo Olympics 2020 between Corona started today. Although the opening ceremony is from 4.30 pm. This time around 11,238 players are vying for 339 gold in 33 sports in the Olympics.

On Friday, a case of corona infection of 19 people including three players came to light. In the Corona update released by the organizers, it has been told that a total of three players, including road cyclist Michel Schlegel of the Czech Republic living in the sports village, have been found corona infected. Along with them 10 employees, three journalists and three contractors engaged in preparing for the Olympics have also been found positive. At the same time, 106 people have been corona infected so far. In which there are 11 players.

In the Olympics, the medal will have to be worn around the neck
Every athlete who competes in the Olympics dreams of winning a medal. Athletes who have won are awarded medals on the podium. This moment also becomes the most memorable moment of his life, but due to the Corona epidemic, it will not happen in the Tokyo Olympics. This time the winning athletes will themselves have to put the medal around their neck. Also, there will be a ban on shaking hands and hugging of athletes during medal ceremonies.

Ban on the entry of spectators in the Olympics
A state of emergency is in force in Tokyo due to the Corona pandemic. The entry of spectators has been banned in the Olympic Stadium. Earlier it was said that 50% spectators (maximum 10 thousand) can be given entry in every stadium, but in view of the increasing cases of corona, entry has been banned.

The people of Japan are not in favor of the Olympics
Residents of Japan, especially Tokyo, are not in favor of organizing the Olympics in the Corona period. In most surveys, 60 to 70% of the people said that it would be better to postpone the Olympics now. The Olympic torch relay, which started in March, also faced protests in several cities. In one city, even an attempt was made to extinguish the torch. However, the Japanese government has decided to continue with the event.

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