Tokyo Olympics Hockey; Ex-Captain Rajpal Singh On India Game Plan Upcoming Match Against Spain | Former India captain Rajpal Singh said – the team was scattered against Australia; Need to change plan against Spain

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Of course, the Indian hockey team had to face an embarrassing defeat against Australia in the second match in Tokyo, but the Indian team still has a chance to reach the quarter-finals. The Indian team has to play its third match against Spain on Tuesday. This match is very important from India’s point of view. If India wins this match, it will easily enter the quarter finals. Apart from Spain, India also have to play against Argentina and hosts Japan. Japan will have a home advantage, while Argentina is the last Olympic winner.

Former Indian hockey team captain Rajpal Singh says that the road has become difficult after losing 7-1 against Australia. India has to play the third match against Spain. If India wins this match, it will easily reach the quarter finals. In case of loss, the team has to face Argentina, which is the champion team. Whereas Japan will get Home Avantage. We should not forget that Japan has defeated us in the World Cup held in Germany.

The game plan needs to be changed in the match with Spain
Rajpal said – In the match against Australia, the Indian team was not able to capitalize on the penalty corner. For any team to win, both the field goal and the penalty corner have to be scored. We failed against Australia. The Indian team looked scattered.

Rajpal said that the lack of coordination in the match was clearly visible. To win with Spain, the Indian team will have to change its game plan. Team India will have to convert it into a goal when it gets a chance. Only then will the Indian team be able to travel to the quarter-finals and beyond.

Australia had scored three goals within six minutes
Australia scored 3 goals in 6 minutes. The Indian team was trailing 1-0 in the first quarter. Australia scored three goals in the second quarter and made the score 4-0. After this the Australian team scored 3 more goals and destroyed the Indian defense. Earlier, India defeated New Zealand 3-1 in their first Pool A match. Harmanpreet Singh scored two goals for the team. While one goal was scored by Rupinder Pal Singh.

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