Tokyo olymnpic Officials scrap Olympic torch relay in capital | Government took decision due to Corona epidemic, event will be online streaming only

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The torch relay, which started in March, has led to protests in many cities of Japan.

The Japanese government decided to cancel the Olympic Torch Relay starting Friday in the city of Tokyo due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now the Olympic torch lighting event will be streamed online. Only in Ogasawara Island, the relay will be held as before. This island is south of Tokyo and is not very crowded. The Tokyo Olympics are to begin on 23 July.

Flashlight relay started in March
The torch relay was organized at the national level in Japan in March itself. Its round was to start in Tokyo from Friday. Kyoto and Hiroshima had already canceled plans to organize relays on public roads.

Trying to extinguish the torch in Minto City
How angry people in Japan are with the organization of the Olympics, it is evident from the constant obstacles in the torch relay. So far people have opposed the relay at half the locations. In Minto City, a woman tried to extinguish the Olympic torch with a water gun. Kayoto Takahashi, 53, was also shouting slogans of No Olympics and the Games on Staw when trying to extinguish the torch. He was arrested.

People of Japan protest against the Olympic event
Due to the Corona epidemic, most of the people of Japan are not in favor of organizing the Olympics at this time. In the survey of many newspapers and websites, 60% to 70% of the people want to cancel it. In recent months, there have been demonstrations on the streets regarding this.

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