toddler who was born with rare form of dwarfism is so small she has to wear newborn clothes | The story of a child smaller than a toy, whose height will never exceed 24 inches; Weight at birth was only 1 kg

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  • Toddler Who Was Born With Rare Form Of Dwarfism Is So Small She Has To Wear Newborn Clothes

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Two-year-old Abigail still wears the clothes of a newborn baby. Abigail weighs just 3.18 kg. Doctors say, she is suffering from a special kind of dwarfism. Because of this, its length will not be able to increase more than 24 inches. Abigail’s mother, Emily Lee, says she only gains 2 grams a day. Many of his toys are even bigger than him. Doctors say, Abigail has a disease named Microcephalic Osteodysplastic Primordial Dwarfism Type-2.

Abigail's mother Emily and father Brian.

Abigail’s mother Emily and father Brian.

Was only 1.3 kg at birth
Emily, who lives in Louisiana, USA, says, the daughter’s growth rate is so slow, it was reported when she was in the womb, but she had no idea that she had any disease. In time, she was not growing like another fetus. After delivery, her weight was only 1.3 kg. She eats and drinks like normal children, but is not able to do activities like two-year-old children.

Samantha takes full care of her younger sister Abigail.

Samantha takes full care of her younger sister Abigail.

Disease detected 8 weeks after delivery
Emily says, after 8 months of birth, the doctors saw that the baby’s height was not increasing. After examination, the disease came to the fore. We had not heard the name of this disease of children before. No member in the house had ever had such a disease. Our first daughter was also normal.

Emily says, Abigail is so small that she sits on Barbie's toys.

Emily says, Abigail is so small that she sits on Barbie’s toys.

trouble walking
Emily says she is fine, but due to her hip dislocation, she is unable to walk like a normal child. She walks by sliding on the ground. He is being treated for this condition.

Having trouble finding the lens of the eye
According to Emily, Abigail is also struggling with lack of light in her eyes. She is still looking for a lens for him that can fit his eyes. He is helped by his older sister Samantha to lead a normal life because she knows exactly what Abigail needs when.

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