Today History for October 19th / What Happened Today | First India-Made MIG-21 inducted in Indian Airforce | Bizzare Train Accident On Dussehra In Amritsar | | The first MiG-21 made in India was inducted into the Indian Airforce 50 years ago; Dussehra’s happiness changes in weeds in Amritsar

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  • Today History For October 19th What Happened Today | First India Made MIG 21 Inducted in Indian Airforce | Bizzare Train Accident On Dussehra In Amritsar |

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The fighter jet MiG-21 may today be called a flying coffin, surpassing the charismatic warrior for the Indian Air Force. Today is a very special day. 50 years ago today, the first MiG-21 made in India was included in the Airforce. Five-six years before this, the MiG-21s were on the air force, but they were made in Russia.

In the last few years, MiG-21 (Mikoyan-Gurevich) aircraft have been the largest contributors to the Air Force in creations and casualties. This is why his name is spoiled. Even in response to the Pulwama attack, when India carried out an air strike at the Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorist base in Pakistan, the tension increased. Wing Commander Abhinandan’s fighter jet crash was also a MiG-21.

The fact is that India is the third largest operator of the MiG-21 after Russia and China. In 1964, the aircraft was inducted into the Airforce as the first supersonic fighter jet. The initial jets were made in Russia and then India also acquired the rights and technology to assemble the aircraft.

Since then, the MiG-21 has played an important role on several occasions including Indo-Pak war of 1971, Kargil war of 1999. Russia stopped manufacturing this aircraft in 1985, but India has been using its upgraded variants.

As of September 2018, the Air Force had approximately 120 MiG-21 aircraft. These are to be out of service by 2021-22. The MiG-21 can be retired only after bringing Tejas into the Air Force along with a sufficient number of Rafale.

Train accident on Dussehra two years ago

On October 19 in 2018, the happiness of Dussehra in Amritsar turned into mourning. Standing on the railway track, 60 people who watched Ravana combustion lost their lives by falling into the grip of the train. The victim families are still awaiting strict action against the accused.

Dussehra was being organized near Joda Gate of Amritsar. The effigy of Ravana was being burnt. People were standing on the railway track. Suddenly, the DMU train coming from Pathankot went on trapping all the people standing on that track and only the corpses were visible around the track. Ravana was burning in front of them and people were screaming. In this accident, 60 people were killed and many people were injured in the accident.

Today’s date in history is also remembered for these events:

  • 1630: The first general court was held in Boston.
  • 1722: The firefighter was patented by C. Hoffer of France.
  • 1739: England declared war against Spain.
  • 1745: Jonathan Swift, author of Gulliver Travel Book, passed away.
  • 1910: Birth of astro-physicist Subrahmanyam Chandrasekhar
  • 1937: British Physicist Ernest Rutherford passed away.
  • 1943: The miraculous antibiotic streptomycin was first detected. It became the first line of defense against TB.
  • 1950: The Chambo war ended. It is also called the Liberation of Tibet in China. The war began between Tibet and China on 6 October.
  • 1956 Russia and Japan signed and officially ended the long-running war between the two countries.
  • 1960: Martin Luther King-Jr. of America, who led the movement for civil rights, was arrested.
  • 2005: The Iraqi Special Tribunal began a trial against Iraq’s President Saddam Hussein and 7 others in a case of crimes against humanity.
  • 2012: Seattle-based Starbucks opened India’s first coffee house in a historic building in Mumbai.

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