Today History for October 18th / What Happened Today | 2007 Benazir Bhutto returns to Pakistan | 1867 Alaska Becomes a Part of the United States | Veerappan shot dead | Welcome to suicide attack as soon as Benazir returns to Pakistan in 2007; Electric bulb maker Thomas Elva Edison dies

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Benazir Bhutto, one of the world’s big and talented women leaders, returned to Pakistan in 2007 after spending nine years of self-exile. A few hours later, a convoy of their cars was attacked and 139 people died. Benazir was the first woman Prime Minister of Pakistan and she took up this responsibility at just 35 years old.

Twice in 1988-90 and 1993-96, he took over as the Prime Minister of the country. Benazir had to leave the country in 1999 after being convicted in corruption cases. In 2007, Benazir Bhutto returned when military power was dying and people were raising their voice for democracy.

The Parvez Musharraf government at that time allowed the withdrawal, but feared a fatal attack on them. He was assassinated in his first rally in Rawalpindi on 27 December the same year.

1931: Great scientist breathed his last

The great American scientist Thomas Elva Edison was born on 11 February 1847. He has 1,93 patents to his name indicating how inventive he was. The great scientist who went through poverty in childhood is known for discovering the electric bulb.

Edison failed to make bulbs more than 10 thousand times. On this, he also said that I never failed, but I found 10,000 such routes which did not work for me. Edison started experimenting at the age of 10.

If he needed money to experiment, he would sell newspapers and vegetables in the train. From 1879 to 1900, Edison had done all his major discoveries and had also become a wealthy businessman. It cost 40 thousand dollars to make the first bulb. Three thousand people gathered to see 40 electric light bulbs burning. Thomas Edison died on 18 October 1931.

Today is also remembered in history for these events:

  • 1386: Heidelberg University was established in Germany.
  • 1564: For the second time the British commander John Hawkins of England begins his journey to America.
  • 1572: Spain’s army invades Maastricht.
  • 1648: The ‘Boston Shoemakers’ became the first labor organization in the North American colonies.
  • 1892: The first long-distance commercial phone line between Chicago and New York was introduced in the United States.
  • 1898: America seizes Puerto Rico from Spain.
  • 1900: Count Bernard von Bulow became Chancellor of Germany.
  • 1922: The British Broadcasting Company is established, later renamed the British Broadcasting Corporation.
  • 1925: Birth of Ibrahim Alkazi, noted theater director and former director of the National School of Drama.
  • 1944: During World War II, Soviet Union started fighting for the independence of Czechoslovakia from Nazi Germany.
  • 1954: Texas Instruments Company built the first transistor radio.
  • 1972: Aerial test of the first multi-purpose helicopter SA-315 in Bangalore.
  • 1976: William N. Lipscomb Jr. was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry.
  • 1980: First Himalaya Car Rally was flagged off from Brabourne Stadium in Bombay (Mumbai).
  • 1985: Black Poet Benjamin Mollois hanged by South African government despite widespread opposition all over the world.
  • 1991: Azerbaijan at the mouth of Southwest Asia and South Eastern Europe declared independence from the then Soviet Russia.
  • 1995: The 11th Non-Aligned Summit begins in Cartagena, Colombia.
  • 1998: India and Pakistan agree to stop nuclear weapon threat.
  • 2004: Notorious Chandan smuggler Veerappan killed.
  • 2012: Military airstrikes killed 40 people in Syria’s Maaret Al Numan.

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