to counter china in brahmputra river. India is also preparing to build a dam on the Brahmaputra River; Arunachal will also have 10 GW hydro power project | Big dam to be built on Brahmaputra in Arunachal, will save northeast from floods when China releases water

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  • To Counter China In Brahmputra River. India Is Also Preparing To Build A Dam On The Brahmaputra River; Arunachal Will Also Have 10 GW Hydro Power Project

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After China’s announcement to build a dam on the Brahmaputra, India has also prepared a plan to counter it. -Remographic photo.

India has become cautious after the Chinese announcement to build a dam on the Brahmaputra River in Tibet. To counter China, the government has planned to make a big dame in Arunachal Pradesh. A 10 GW (GW) hydro-power project will also be set up here. The Brahmaputra River originates from Tibet and flows from Arunachal Pradesh in India and below Assam to Bangladesh. In such a situation, India’s Dame will protect the Northeast from the dangers of water scarcity and sudden floods.

“A big dam is needed in Arunachal Pradesh to reduce the adversarial effects of sugar dams,” said TS Mehra, senior officer of the Ministry of Water Power. We have sent the proposal to the top authority of the government for this. By becoming a Dame, India will have the capacity to store more water. We will be able to answer any action of China. ”

China can wage water war with Dame in Tibet

Ladakh has been under tension between the Indo-China border for the past several months. Diplomatic relations between the two countries of the Galvan clash have also deteriorated. Now China has made a new trick on the Brahmaputra river. Experts have warned that this dam near the Indian border could cause China to create flooding conditions in Indian states. China can also wage a water war through it.

China announced to build the largest dam

Chinese government media Global Times quoted a senior officer as saying that China is constructing a 60 GW hydro power project on the Brahmaputra in Tibet. Power Corporation of China Chairman Yan Zhiong was quoted as saying that it would be the largest dam ever built. China has called it a historical project.

China can not be trusted

TS Mehra said- Although China has said that this project will not affect India, but we do not know how long to trust them. According to the Trans Border River Agreement, India and Bangladesh have the right to use the Brahmaputra water. India has asked the Chinese authorities to abide by the agreement. India has also said that China should take care that any activity in the upper part of the river does not harm the countries in the lower part of the river.

Big dam already exists in Tibet

China has already built a jam hydropower station in Tibet at a cost of 11 thousand 130 crores. The project, built in 2015, is China’s largest dam. According to the Global Times, a new dam will be built on the Grand Canyon of Yarlung Jongbo (the Tibetan name of the Brahmaputra) in the Meadog area of ​​Tibet. Chinese media has called it a super hydropower station.


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