Title sponsorship value of IPL increased by 1000% in 10 years | Title sponsorship value of IPL increased by 1000% in 10 years


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After the departure of Chinese mobile company Vivo, the main sponsor (sponsor) of the IPL, the BCCI has started preparations to float a tender for the title sponsor of the current season of the IPL. Recently, due to the India-China border dispute, the company Vivo has decided to withdraw from the sponsorship of the current season of IPL. However, Vivo had an agreement of Rs 2199 crore by 2022. Under this, Vivo was decided to pay Rs 440 crore to BCCI as sponsor every year. If we talk about the sponsorship of Chinese companies in sports in the country, then they have about 50 percent sponsorship. Currently, the names of Byju, Amazon and Coca-Cola India have emerged prominently in the race for the new title sponsor of the IPL in India. However, the board is finding it difficult to get a sponsor of Rs 440 crore annually due to the Korena epidemic. Byju is already the sponsor of Team India. She is discussing the league's sponsorship with the board.

At the same time, Coca-Cola India has said that we want to keep investing continuously in cricket. Market experts here say that even if the board does not get the same amount as Vivo, e-commerce platforms may be attracted by it due to the festive season. In such a situation, apart from Amazon, Jio and Fain-Pay can also invest. According to phone-pay executives, the company is involved with the T20 League. In 2019, the company was the co-presenting sponsor of TV viewership. It is not just about cricket. Currently, a total of nine leagues are played in the country including volleyball, wrestling, badminton, tennis and boxing. Chinese companies are sponsoring either the star players in these leagues or these sports. Let us know in this report how Chinese companies have strengthened their roots in the country through sponsorship through various means.

IPL sponsorship increased from 50 crore to 440 crore annually in 12 years

Vivo India had acquired the title sponsorship rights of IPL for the second time in 2017 for Rs 2199 crore. This led him to pay around Rs 440 crore per year to the league every season. The Chinese mobile company had removed soft drink maker PepsiCo, which had a deal worth Rs 80 crore by 2015.
In this way, sponsorship of IPL increased

9000 crores Indian sports sponsorship market
According to ESP Properties 2019 report, the sports sponsorship market crossed the Rs 9000 crore mark in 2019. Nearly 17 percent of this growth was in 2019. It recorded a growth of about 25 percent in on-field publicity sponsorship and about 18 percent in media sponsorship.

Sponsorship growth of On Groud Report in prestigious sports in the country

In this way, Chinese companies or their investments are dominated in cricket.

1- Team India: Byju sponsor but China's investment in it
In 2017, BCCI with Oppo paid Rs 1079 crore. I signed a five-year agreement. In this, Oppo's logo was to be applied on Team India's jersey. Last year, Oppo transferred this sponsorship to the Indian company Biju. Chinese company Tencent has money in the bayou.

2- IPL / Team India: Paytm sponsor but also money of Chinese company
Paytm is the official partner of IPL and sponsor of Team India. The title sponsorship of the international matches the team plays in the country is with Paytm, about 37% stake in Paytm is owned by Chinese company Alibaba.

3- IPL / Team India: Chinese stake in Dream-11 too
The online fantasy league Dream XI is also the official partner of the IPL. Similarly, Swiggy is also an associate sponsor of this tournament. Both these companies have Chinese investment. Chinese company Tencent has a large stake in Dream-11. At the same time, Tencent's stake in Swiggy is around 5.27%.

4- International cricket: ICC's global partner Oppo
In December 2019, the ICC announced that Oppo Company would be its global partner by 2023. He is the official mobile handset and headset partner of ICC and all events related to it. OPPO was associated with the ICC in the year 2015.

50% of sports sponsorship is with Chinese companies

According to data published in 2018 by advertising firm Group M & Media Company Sport Power, China's BBK Electronics-owned mobile companies accounted for 50 percent of the total sponsorship in almost all major sporting events played in India. Its two big brands Vivo and Oppo together decided to spend Rs 3540 crore for the sponsorship of sports events in 2018. This amount was to be spent in the next five years. Which was about 50 percent of some sponsorship spending in 2017.

Screw can get caught on sponsorship period – Ayaz Menon Cricket Expert

The IPL has now become the sixth largest sports brand in the world. In such a situation any company would like to join it. However, in the era of Korena, Vivo has retreated from the sponsor, in such a situation there may be difficulty in getting the sponsorship of about 440 crores. At the same time, the company would also like to get sponsorship not only for one year but also for longer.



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