TikTok Confirms Handing Over Its US Business to Oracle and Walmart

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A spokeswoman for TickTalk, owned by ByteDance, China, told AFP, "We are pleased that the proposal of TickTock, Oracle and Walmart will address the security concerns of the US administration and about the future of TickTock in the US Will solve the question. "

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The spokesman said that Oracle would be "responsible for hosting reliable technology providers, hosting all US user data and securing associated computer systems to fully satisfy US national security requirements." "We are also currently working with Walmart in a commercial partnership."

The spokesman said the companies would "maintain and expand" TickTock's global headquarters in the US and create 25,000 new jobs. Let me tell you that Trump had earlier described the deal as "fantastic".

Trump said, "I support the deal." "If they complete it, it's great, if they don't, that's fine."

Trump has claimed for weeks that Ticketock is collecting user data for China. In early August, he had time until September 20 to hand over Ticktock's US operations to an American company.
On Friday, the Trump administration ordered a ban on downloading this app. In addition, Chinese-owned messaging platform WeChat was also banned.

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After the announcement of TickTalk, the US has extended the date of ban on downloading the app till 27 September. Trump said that "security will be 100 percent" and said companies will use separate cloud servers.

According to the US president, the deal would lead to the creation of a new company headquartered in Texas, which would have "nothing to do with China", but would still be called TickTalk.

Trump also said that the companies involved would contribute $ 5 billion towards "education of American youth". He had previously stated that the federal government was entitled to cut the deal to authorize it.

A spokesperson for Tittock only confirmed the creation of new jobs and said the company's global headquarters would remain in the US.

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