tiktok ban how to remove tiktok from phone and delete data while data backup from tiktok helo likee – if you use TikTok, Helo or Likee app then after the ban, now you should do it first


The Indian government has banned 59 Chinese mobile apps.

In the name of data safety and privacy in the country, the Government of India has taken a big decision on Monday. This decision will change a lot for the users of many other mobile apps including different platforms of internet, social media in the country. This move will also prove to be a big step towards promoting mobile apps developed in the country. In fact, the government on Monday made a big announcement that it has banned a total of 59 Chinese mobile applications on Android and iOS, including the popular video content platform TikTok, under Section 69 (A) of the IT Act, 2000. In this list, apart from TikTok, there are many apps like Vigo Video, Shareit, UC Browser, Helo and Likee which have a large number of users in India.

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In such a situation, the question is standing in front of these users, what should they do with their apps and their data. In particular, users who create content on these platforms, such as #TikTokers. Even TikTok has been removed from Apple's App Store.

In such a situation, these users should know what to do with these apps in their phones and how to save their data. Note that after the ban, now these apps will not disappear from your phone. Yes, there will be no connection to the app's server in this. So what is the opinion of cyber experts?

Cyber ​​expert lawyer Prashant Mali has given some tips, which you can now follow-

Instead of removing these apps from your phone, factory reset your phone.

-Be sure to backup your data before this.

-These apps still work in your phone, but they will be more vulnerable to hackers as these apps will not be updated. In this case, hackers can take control of your phone.

– Users who create content on TikTok can remove the logo from these videos using the Logo Removing app and upload all their content to apps made in India.

Let us know that on Monday, the IT Ministry issued a statement, banning these 59 Chinese apps. You can see the complete list here. The statement issued by the ministry said that it has received many complaints from several sources, including the misuse of some mobile apps on Android and iOS platforms. These reports have said that these apps steal users' data and send them to a server outside India without permission and illegally.

Video: Government banned these 59 Chinese Apps


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