Tiger Eating Grass In Satpuda Tiger Reserve Madhya Pradesh Video Viral

The video of a tiger eating grass is going viral.

special things

  • The case of Satpura Tiger Reserve
  • Tiger seen eating grass in the forest
  • video viral on social media


A video of Satpura Tiger Reserve located in Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh is becoming fiercely viral. The special thing is that the tiger is seen eating grass in it. The Tiger Reserve employees have captured the tiger in their camera while grazing on the grass.

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It may sound strange, but according to experts, the meat-eating tiger (Tiger Viral Video) sometimes eats grass too. The tiger does this to keep its digestive system healthy.

Field director of Satpura Tiger Reserve L. Krishnamurthy told that not only tigers, other wildlife also eat grass sometimes. When their digestive system gets disturbed by eating non-vegetarian food continuously, they do such experiments.

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