Three Died After A Mockery On Facebook Kerala Police Arrested Accused Lady

Police has arrested Reshma. (symbolic picture)

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  • Incident in Kollam district of Kerala
  • The child was found in a pile of dry leaves
  • Police arrested Reshma


A creepy joke between relatives on Facebook took the lives of three people. A newborn is also among the dead. This was revealed in the investigation of Kerala Police in relation to an abandoned child. In January this year in Kerala’s Kollam district, a baby was found in a pile of dry leaves just hours after birth. The newborn was admitted to the hospital, who later died. Police investigation revealed that Reshma, a resident of Kalluvathukkal village in Kollam, is the mother of the newborn. The woman was arrested in June.

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During the investigation, Reshma told during interrogation that she became friends with a person named Anandu on Facebook and had left the child to die to be with the person, though she had never met the person. According to the police, the woman was married to a person named Vishnu. The woman had never told him or any family member that she was going to be a mother. During the investigation of the woman’s Facebook friend, the police called the woman’s sister-in-law Arya and niece Grishma for questioning.

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They were summoned by the police because Reshma used to run one of her many Facebook accounts with a SIM taken in Arya’s name, however the incident took an interesting turn when the two women (Arya and Grishma) allegedly jumped into the river. Gave life Later, police questioned a male friend of Grishma, who revealed that Arya and Grishma had created a fake Facebook account under the name Anandu and they used to joke with Reshma, a senior police officer said.

The police came to know that Arya had told her mother-in-law about the joke before she allegedly committed suicide. Arya’s husband later told the media that he was thankful to the police, who found out why his wife took her life. He told that he had no idea about this joke. Her husband, who returned from abroad after hearing the news of Reshma’s arrest, told that if anyone had told him about this, perhaps he could have prevented this from happening. Police said that currently Reshma is in judicial custody in a separate habitat center after being found infected with Kovid-19.

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