Those who should have raised the voice of Dalits are not doing this work till date: Priyanka Gandhi Vadra – who should have raised the voice of Dalits till date: Priyanka Gandhi Vadra


Priyanka Gandhi Vadra said this in the virtual meeting of Congress

new Delhi:

Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, while addressing Congress workers on Friday, said that wherever you stand atrocities with Dalits in UP, you should stand and raise their voice. After the release of UP Congress Scheduled Caste Department President Alok Prasad, the conference was called to raise the voice of Dalits across the state.

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During this, Priyanka Gandhi said in her address, “Where atrocities are happening, you should reach there, stand with the people. Raise their voice. It is not a big deal that you saw them, who should raise their voice for Dalits today Even these are not working. So our responsibility doubles. Because what is happening in UP is going very wrong. “

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The Congress general secretary further said, “I have also spoken to the students living in Ambedkar hostels, they have told me that it is the effort of the state government to close these hostels in some way.”

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In this conference, Priyanka Gandhi praised the workers of the scheduled department. Priyanka said that in the coming time, the workers of the Scheduled Castes Department have to be made in every village while fighting the fight against social justice, the Constitution and the scholarship of Dalit students and the atrocities on Dalits.


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