This Republic Day No Foreign Chief Guest Due To Covid Situation, says Government – Due to Corona, there will be no foreign Head of State on Republic Day this time Chief Guest: Government


Due to Corona outbreak, this time Republic Day celebrations have also been shortened (file photo)

Due to the status of Kovid-19 globally, it has been decided not to invite any foreign head of state or head of government as the chief guest on Republic Day (26 January). This information was given by the Foreign Ministry on Thursday. Spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs Anurag Shrivastava said, “Due to the global situation of Kovid-19, it has been decided that no foreign nation will be the chief guest at the Republic Day celebrations this year. ‘

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Significantly, the British PM Johnson was to attend the Republic Day celebrations in India as the chief guest, but after the arrival of Korana’s new strain in Britain, he has expressed his inability to visit India. A spokesperson was quoted by the news agency AFP as saying, ‘Britain PM Johnson had spoken to PM Narendra Modi earlier this month and had expressed his inability to come to India at the end of this month, as per the pre-determined schedule. The British PM had said that he was unable to come to India as per schedule. ‘Anyway, the whole world is facing the challenge of Corona virus at this time, in such a situation, it has now been decided that no foreign guests will be allowed as the Chief Guest this time on Republic Day Parade. Will happen. No new invitation will be sent by the government to any new foreign guests anymore.



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