This Maharashtra Village Government School Children Speak Japanese – Government school children speak Japanese language, interested in robotics in this village of Maharashtra


In this village of Maharashtra, government school children speak Japanese.

new Delhi:

In a remote village in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra, students are learning Japanese language at the Zilla Parishad government school in order to earn knowledge of robotics and technology. Good roads and other essential basic amenities may not have reached Gadivat village, 25 km from Aurangabad, but internet service has proved to be a boon for the children of the local Zilla Parishad school. The government school decided to start a foreign language program in September last year. Under its program, students of fourth to eighth grade were asked to choose a language of their choice.

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School teacher Dadasaheb Navput said, "Surprisingly, most of them said that they were interested in robotics and technology and want to learn the Japanese language." He explained that any appropriate course material to teach the Japanese language And despite not having professional guidance, the school administration managed to gather information from video and translation applications over the Internet. However, now Aurangabad language expert Sunil Jogdeo is teaching Japanese language to the students.

After learning about this initiative of the school, Jogdeo contacted the school and expressed his desire to take online classes. Jogdeo said, "I have held 20 to 22 sessions in July. Children are committed and want to learn. It is wonderful to learn a lot of them in a short time. "With all the students not having a 'smart phone' for online classes, the school started a 'Vishwa Mitra' initiative, under which children can learn whatever in online classes. Goes to teach it to his fellow students.

Aurangabad District Council Education Extension Officer Ramesh Thakur said that the school has more than 350 students out of which 70 are learning Japanese language. He said that the objective of this initiative is to provide international level education to children.

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