This dog blesses the devotees and shakes hands in the temple see viral video


This dog blesses all the devotees who come to the temple

A video is going viral on social media, which everyone is surprised to see. In this video, a dog sitting outside the temple is blessing the devotees who are coming out and shaking hands with them. This video is becoming very fast on social media and people are also very fond of this video. This video is being told of Siddhivinayak temple of Siddhatek. At the same time, a person has made this video and shared it on social media. People are very fond of this video and are also making many good comments on it.

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Let us know that this video has been shared by Arun Limadia on Facebook. He has shared two videos on Facebook. Which are becoming increasingly viral on social media. In the video you can see yourself a dog sitting at the exit gate of the temple, who is giving blessings to the devotees coming out of the temple by raising his paw and shaking hands with them. People have become fans of this dog after watching the video and are praising it after watching the video.


Seeing the video, people are saying in the comments that they will go to the temple to meet this dog. Explain that the Siddhivinayak temple located in Siddhatek is dedicated to Lord Ganesha. Everyday a lot of devotees come to the temple to see Lord Ganesha.


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