This company is giving salary to watch Netflix and eat Pizza, know how


This company is giving salary to watch Netflix and eat Pizza

Till now you have ever heard that a company gives salary for watching films and shows and eating. You will find it strange to hear this, but it is true. Actually, an American company is offering such a job to people, who watch Netflix and eat Pizza, for this the company will give them salary. BonusFinder, an American website that reviews and offers deals for legal gambling sites, needs a professional binge watcher. That is, a person who watches shows and movies and eats pizza for maximum time on Netflix.

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“BonusFinder reported on its website,” After the lockdown ends in 2021, Bonusfinder’s team wants to spread happiness by launching a new job offer, where you’ll be paid to watch Netflix and eat pizza.

Therefore, on National Pizza Day on February 9, one lucky businessman will be paid $ 500 to eat some pizza and watch three Netflix shows.

For this, the selected candidate will have to review each series after finishing the series with story and plot lines, quality of acting and other things. They have to rate their pizza’s taste, texture, its price and many more.

Meanwhile, another job opportunity has also emerged on social media. Bedroom Athletics, a UK company, has also removed two vacancies for a “slipper tester”.


Selected candidates have to wear slippers for 12 hours two days a month. They will be paid a total monthly salary of £ 333 for two days a month for a year, as they will have to react to different slippers and other products.

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