Third Dose Of Corona Vaccine Shows Great Results, The Effect Shown In The Trial Of AstraZeneca

Benefits of giving 3rd dose 6 months after 2nd dose of Covishield Vaccine

New Delhi:

Astrazeneca Vaccine Third Dose: So far, different claims of increasing immunity from single and double dose vaccines of corona vaccine are coming to the fore, now researchers have started to give the third vaccine and also to check its effect. A similar trial was conducted for the third dose of AstraZeneca’s Covishield vaccine. This shot was given about 6 months after the second dose. Due to this a tremendous effect was seen in immunity. A study by Oxford University states that even with an interval of up to 45 weeks between the first and second doses, immunity against the corona virus is further improved. This does not reduce the resistance.

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It has been said in the study that even if the time interval between the second and third doses is more, then it shows a better effect on immunity. If the third dose is given 6 months after the second dose, there is a significant increase in antibodies and a very strong immune response to the virus. However, this study is yet to be peer reviewed. This news is hopeful for countries where there is a crisis of vaccine supply and fears of weakening immunity were being expressed due to the increase in time between two doses of Kovid vaccine.

Andrew Pollard, lead researcher of the Oxford trial, said the second dose followed by the third shot showed excellent results. Strong effect of third dose was observed even after 10 months of first dose. In fact, in many countries, the vaccination program is nearing completion and there is also a discussion on giving a third dose of the vaccine.

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