They will get me murdered: BJP MLA attacked senior IPS of UP


MLA Dhiraj Ojha said that he did nothing wrong


Of Pratapgarh BJP MLA Has accused a senior police officer of the city of assault. BJP MLA Dhiraj Ojha (BJP MLA Dhiraj Ojha) made these allegations after a debate about the voter list for the upcoming panchayat election. In a dramatic development, Ojha was seen repeatedly wearing a kurta torn from the District Magistrate’s office. In front of the camera, he accused the new SP of the district, Akash Tomar, of attacking him. BJP MLAs lay on the road in protest saying that the captain has been killed by the captain.

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Ojha said that he did not do anything wrong, but the SP wanted to beat him. He is a very dangerous person and he will get me killed. IPS officer Akash Tomar (IPS officer Akash Tomar) called such allegations absolutely wrong. The IPS officer said, the BJP MLA has accused him of wrongdoing, when he told him not to misbehave in the DM office. In another mobile clip of the same time, Tomar was seen exiting the DM office. Then MLAs and their supporters follow them. After this, there is an argument between the officer and the MLA.


IPS said in this that do not talk about waste. To which Ojha replied that he is not talking nonsense. While Tomar was sitting in the car, the MLA shouted, “Will you shoot me, his supporters were also seen repeating the same.” But in none of these videos (social media viral), the officer was seen threatening or abusing the MLA. The legislator later said that there are irregularities in the voter list. But why does the administration not want real voters to join this list?

IPS Tomar issued a statement saying, MLA Dheeraj Ojha Pratapgarh DM was sitting on a dharna at the residence. When he was asked not to misbehave, he started making false accusations. DM was also present at that time. Police has nothing to do with this incident.


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