There was a lot of hope from the Prime Minister, but Khoda Pahad, Nikli chuhiya: Congress – There was a lot of hope from the Prime Minister, but Khoda Pahad, turned out to be Chuhiya: Congress


PM Narendra Modi (File photo).

new Delhi:

Congress spokesperson Supriya Srinet said that today the country had high hopes from the Prime Minister, but once again, he dashed all the expectations. We hoped that they would take a decisive step against the crisis of Corona. We hoped that they would take a decisive step against the economic downturn. We hoped that those crores of people who lost their jobs due to the collapse of the economy will take a decisive step for them. We hoped that he would bring some relief to those whose salary has been drastically reduced. But the mountain dug out

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While addressing the journalists, he said that the Prime Minister says that we are in good condition. The total corona cases in the country are 5.67 lakhs. In June, the rate of outbreak of corona in India was the highest in the world. We are fourth in the world. Around 20,000 new cases are coming out every day. The test positive rate is 11.4%. We are still the least among the countries with the 5 most cases.

The Congress spokesperson said that despite so much publicity, Shri Narendra Modi in his 17 minute long speech took only one administrative decision. Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana will be extended till November. It is important to remember that many times Congress President Sonia Gandhi had suggested the extension of the plan in her letter to the Prime Minister. But two other major conclusions can be drawn from this announcement – PM is expected to have Corona effect till November and the first priority for any disaster in the country or threat from China is the election of Bihar, as in their various contexts. Became clear with But the mere expansion of the grain scheme will not solve the problem. People also need money for pulses, vegetables, milk, medicines, hence no one will be benefited without cash transfer nor will the economy come back on track.

He said that even today the government and Modi ji are either unable to understand the seriousness of the situation or are deliberately ignoring tax in the context of collecting headlines. The BJP will have to abandon this mindset and fight the epidemic, economic downturn and China vigorously. The time for spending oral deposits has ended.


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