There have been 7 ICC tournaments since 2013, seven different teams won, 3 teams played 3-3 finals | There have been 7 ICC tournaments since 2013, seven different teams won, 3 teams played 3-3 finals

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  • There Have Been 7 ICC Tournaments Since 2013, Seven Different Teams Won, 3 Teams Played 3 3 Finals

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New Zealand won the first ICC Test Championship by defeating Team India. This was the seventh ICC final since 2013. On these 7 occasions, 7 different teams became champions. That is, it is clear that in the last few years there is no team that can be called the king of international cricket.

In almost every decade since the 1970s, there has been some team that proved to be twenty better than the rest. West Indies ruled in the 70s and 80s. Many teams came on par in the 90s but from the end of this Australia dominated. Australia continued to dominate until 2007. After this, Team India also had some dominance for a few years. India won three big titles in 6 years. But since then a period has started when there has been no king in international cricket.

India, England, New Zealand most consistent
No team has won two ICC tournaments since 2013. Yes, the team of India, New Zealand and England has definitely been the most consistent. In the last 8 years, these teams have entered the finals of three ICC events each. The team of Australia, Pakistan and West Indies could only play 1-1 in the final and were also successful in winning it.

Teams are struggling to make an all condition team
In cricket, a team can dominate other teams only when it has good players for all the conditions. At present, almost every major team seems to be struggling in this matter. Due to the lack of good fast bowling all-rounders, the Indian team struggles in the swinging and seaming conditions. Similarly, the New Zealand team is unable to show a very strong game in the Indian subcontinent. England are trying to strike a balance thanks to some players of Asian origin but have had limited success so far.

No team is far ahead in test cricket
Even in Test cricket, no team can be said to be much ahead of other teams since 2013. India won 47 Tests since then. At the same time, England won 46 Tests, Australia 42 and South Africa 37 Tests. New Zealand have won 34 matches. The Indian team achieved success in all the home series during this period. Apart from this, he also won by going to countries like Australia, West Indies, Sri Lanka. But, the team failed in New Zealand, South Africa and England. Similarly the teams of New Zealand and England lost in India. Australia also got defeated in India.

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