Theft incidents in the farmers movement at Ghazipur border in Delhi


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new Delhi:

Delhi-UP Ghazipur border But nowadays, thieves are rapidly cleaning hands on the pockets and goods of thousands of farmers who are doing the movement. More than two dozen mobiles, jackets and many thousands of rupees have been stolen. Due to increasing thefts, farmers are now patrolling unions from CCTV to horses. Farmers have caught a thief stealing on the Ghazipur border but the chain of thieves is not stopping. Again and again the farmer leaders are giving instructions to beware of thieves.

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The money of elderly Ratan Singh from Pilibhit was stolen from the trolley. Ratan Singh told that, I was taking a bath and I was soaped, and in the same way my bundy which had money was missing. Brijendra’s mobile and belongings were stolen.


To catch the thieves, now the farmer leaders are guarding the horse from CCTV. Sushil Singh from Fazilka is guarding his horse day and night. Not only this, a dozen CCTVs are also preparing to set up a farmers union. In-charge of the volunteer team, Jitendra Singh Jeetu said that, we will now install CCTV from tomorrow as well as increase the number of volunteers so that thieves can be controlled.

Although the police did not say anything about these growing thieves, but the farmers coming from outside states are not going to report the thieves happening with them to the police station.


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