The second wave of Corona will reach its peak in mid-May, the National Committee warned the Center


In India, 3.68 lakh corona cases were reported on Monday and more than 3400 deaths occurred.

New Delhi:

Experts warned the central government on April 2 that cases of Coronavirus Cases are increasing rapidly and will reach their peak in mid-May. IIT Hyderabad professor and head of Kovid-19 Supermodel Committee, Dr. M. Vidyasagar gave this information to NewsBust on Monday. Vidyasagar said that the Center was warned that between May 15 and May 22, corona cases could reach 1.2 lakh daily. But later the peak time was extended to the first week of May. Dr. Vidyasagar said that anyone can see that by March 13, the graph of Corona’s case had gone up. But then there was not enough data that we could predict further.

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On April 2, it was formally stated that between 15 to 22 May, daily cases can reach 1.2 lakh daily. However, cases of corona in India reached a much higher level and now 3.5 lakh corona cases are being received daily. At the same time, IIT Kanpur also said in a study that daily corona cases can reach the peak by 8 May. In this, from 14 to 18 May, active cases can reach between 38 to 44 lakhs.

The study raises an important question whether the Center knew about this possible explosion in cases of Kovid-19. If so, what steps did he take so that the second wave could be controlled? Dr. Vidyasagar said, the initial estimate time was between 15 to 22 May and it is important that because some such solutions can be implemented, which would take 3 to 4 months to become a ground reality. But we did not have this time. Whatever we had to do, we had to get the results in 3-4 weeks only.

Vidyasagar said that the Center shifted the focus from the long-term to medium-term plans to the short-term plan. But if we take note of the events of the past few times, then these steps also proved inadequate.


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