The next wave of Corona like a tsunami, Uddhav Thackeray warned that this appeal … – Like Corona’s next wave tsunami, Uddhav Thackeray warned that this appeal …


CM Uddhav said, “In the past we celebrated all our festivals with caution. Ganeshotsav or Dussehra. You all are supporting me. Even while celebrating Diwali, I requested you not to burst firecrackers and you followed it. And this Because of that, the war against Kovid is under our control. “

He said, “But I am a little annoyed with all of you. I had already said that there will be congestion after Diwali. Do not think that the kovid is over. I have not seen many people wearing masks. Do not be so careless. Western countries, Delhi or Ahmedabad. This second and third wave is strong like a tsunami. Ahmedabad has also imposed night curfew, “

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Thackeray said. “Kovid is not dying due to congestion. Really going to grow. The vaccine is still not there and we don’t know when it will come. Even if it comes in December, when will it come to Maharashtra? Maharashtra I have 12 crore people. And it needs to be given twice. That is why we will need a vaccine for 25 crore people. So please take care of yourself. It will take time, “

He said, “If we do not have enough beds, then our health workers get infected, then no one can save us. Not yet but we still have to be very careful. We still have not been able to open schools We are a mouth. I don’t want to think again in a lockdown, “

He added further. “So once again I want to tell you, do not rush too much, wear masks, wash hands and keep distance. This alone will keep us safe. I have opened all places of worship now. But please do not crowd these places, “

Corona cases in India are around 91 lakh, 45209 new cases sources-2325210


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