The impact of corona on Dussehra of Mysore, elephant ride will not come on the streets of the city this time. – Corona’s impact on the grandeur of Mysore’s Dussehra, elephant ride will not pass through the city this time.


mysore dussehra 2020: Jumbo ride in Dussehra will be removed in Mysore palace complex


The grandeur of Mysore’s famous royal Dussehra (mysore dussehra) has also had an impact on Corona. This time elephant rides will not be taken out on the streets of the city. To see this, on the way of five kilometers, foreign foreign tourists gathered.

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The organizers say that the jumbo ride will be taken out in the Mysore palace complex this time, so that the age-old tradition is not broken. The administration has not allowed the procession outside it. The Puja will also be held in the presence of the Chief Minister and other well-known people, like the old Rasmorevaj. However, there will not be the same grandeur as before. Preparations for the royal Dussehra are going on in the Mysore palace, Vani Vilas Palace. Due to the Corona virus, the program to be held in the entire city has been restricted at Mysore Palace. The businessman is also disappointed and the locals are also disappointed this time.

750 kg gold throne
This 750 kg throne made of pure gold and the ride of Virajati Mata Chamundeshwari in it is called Pride of this Dussehra. The chief worshiper will do the chief minister. After this, elephants and other horses will revolve inside the animal palace and with this the Dussehra celebration will end here. People say that I had been watching it for the last 62 years, this time I will not be able to see it, it is our misfortune.

History of dussehra 400 old
The history of Mysore Dussehra is almost 400 years old. During the Vijayanagara Empire, in the 16th century, in Srirangapatnam, the glorious king of Vijayanagara Empire was Krishna Dev Rai. When power came from the Vijayanagar Empire to the Wodeyar Gharana and the capital was made Mysore, Dussehra reached Mysore.


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