The idols of the Goddess who bears the Asra-Shastra are symbols of our powers of knowledge | The idols of the Goddess who bears the Asra-Shastra are the symbols of our powers of knowledge

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BK Shivani, Brahmakumari.

Navratri festival is a symbol of purity. It is believed that the fasts observed during these nine days are for the purity and purity of our soul. Along with this, we should also pay attention to the purity of our mind’s thoughts. Only then will we be able to become better and strengthen family relationships. There are divine powers inside every soul, who just need to be awakened.

We have been learning since childhood that as the outbreak of negative energy increases, divine powers will be called upon to overcome it. Today, corruption, atrocities, breakdown of families and negativity from the sisters are at the peak all over the world. Whenever there are evil powers, powerful forces will be needed to overcome them.

For this we have to invoke the powers within us. For this, we have to understand the spiritual secrets of this festival. Suppose a painter has to draw a picture overcoming anger, then he will first draw a negative picture and on the other side will draw a picture of the sacred power that will win over him. So there will be a sign of negativity and also of purity and positivity.

But we forgot its importance. We showed the sword, mace, trident in the hand of the goddess, then the conch and lotus flower in the hand of the goddess. These were some of the means by which holy power conquered the Asuras. It is completely symbolic.

Purity, love, peace, happiness, these are called divine rites. And Kama, anger, greed, fascination, ego are these devilish rites. Both are in every soul. When both are inside me, the powers have to be invoked within themselves to protect their divine rites from their devilish rites and to overcome them. But what did we do.

Made idols of goddesses and showed weapons in their hands and a demon under their feet. But we did not do that process, so that we could overcome the demonic powers. These symbolic images that we make are just to remind us that we have to do all this process within ourselves.

When we ask that anger is not good, it should end. Then the answer comes that the gods and goddesses were also angry, they too had fought. So why can’t we? But if any one of us does violence or kills someone today, would you call him a demon?

The gods and goddesses ended the evil forces inside them and not killed anyone. That is why they are called deities. He fought with the demons inside him, awakening the divine powers. If the evil forces in us have decreased a little, then suppose we have conquered them, fought with them.

Now the war that you fought with them using the weapons of knowledge. Forgetting the past, accepting those as they are, giving selfless love to everyone, cooperating, meditating, taking powers from God and using them, these were our weapons of knowledge.

By using these weapons, we have eliminated the demons inside. Then whether it is of anger, of greed or of attachment. When the demons inside ended, then divine rites emerged in us. That’s why we say that today I am feeling very good and calm, today I am more happy. It is understandable that who is doing all this process? Every soul is doing this using the weapons of knowledge.

We are worshiping the Gods and Goddesses but we have forgotten that the powers we are worshiping in them are inside every soul. He has shown weapons of knowledge in the form of swords, mace, arrows, tridents etc. in the picture. The festival of Navaratri comes to remind us of these powers of knowledge. So that every soul can abolish the demons inside him and adopt the divine rites.

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