The horrific collision between the bus and Bolere in Pilibhit; 7 killed, 32 injured | Both vehicles overturned after a collision between a roadways bus and a pickup in Pilibhit; 7 people died; 32 wounded

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  • The Horrific Collision Between The Bus And Bolere In Pilibhit; 7 Killed, 32 Injured

Pilibhit6 minutes ago

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In Pilibhit, seven people died on the spot in a collision between a bus and a pick-up.

  • Accident occurred in Puranpur area in the early hours of Saturday
  • All the injured were hospitalized

Roadways bus and pickup collided face-to-face in Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh at 4 am on Saturday. 7 people died on the spot in the accident. While 32 people were injured. On receiving the information, Pilibhit reached the spot along with the police force along with the Superintendent of Police. The injured were sent to CHC Puranpur. Those whose condition was critical, were referred to Pilibhit District Hospital.

According to the information, a roadways bus (UP27T9304) was going to Pilibhit from Kesarbagh in Lucknow. On the way the police station collided with a pick-up vehicle parked near the Punjab Palace in Sehramau area. The collision was so fast that both vehicles overturned into the ditch. There was a scream in the passengers. Hearing the noise, the people arrived and started rescue operations.

Pickup riders were going to see Goddess Darshan
The dead have not yet been identified. Some of the injured have been identified. The reason for the accident is being told to the sleeping bus driver. Passenger injured passenger Deepak told that we were going from Lucknow to visit Mata Purnagiri at Tanakpur (Uttarakhand). Superintendent of Police Jai Prakash said that the accident took place at the border of Sehramau area.

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