The habit of listening to a song before going to sleep causes sleep disturbances, claim researchers; Songs keep spinning in the mind even after it is turned off | The habit of listening to a song before bedtime causes sleep disturbances, claim researchers; Songs keep spinning in my mind even after it is turned off

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  • The Habit Of Listening To A Song Before Going To Sleep Causes Sleep Disturbances, Claim Researchers; Songs Keep Spinning In The Mind Even After It Is Turned Off

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Most of the people like to listen to music before sleeping at night. New research says, such people may complain of sleeplessness or sleeplessness. Researchers say, when we listen to songs at night, they keep roaming in the brain. Even after the song stops, there is a feeling of its running in the mind. This condition interferes with sleep or causes sleep disturbances in the middle of the night.

This is how the idea of ​​research came
Researcher Michael Skulin of Baylor University in the US, who did the research, says that one day a song suddenly started revolving in his mind, due to which his sleep was broken in the middle of the night. He realized that a song can disturb your sleep process. In the meantime, it was decided that we would try to understand the connection between listening to the song and sleeping.

Research done on 209 people
Researchers did research on 209 people. Before going to sleep, they were sung by singers like Taylor Swift and Karle Ray. After this his polysomnography test was done. With the help of this test, it is known how much better sleep is coming. By doing the test, the wave, heart and breathing rate in the human brain are known. This test was done while the patient was sleeping.

Even after sleeping, the song revolves in the mind
According to research published in the journal Psychological Science, when we are awake, songs recur again and again in the brain, this can happen even after sleeping at night. In our mind, the song revolves even when the music is off and we are sleepy. As a result, it affects sleep.

Often teenagers and youngsters listen to a song before sleeping to improve their mood, says Michael, but sometimes this hobby turns into a daily habit and it starts having a bad effect on sleep.

Instrumental music is worse
If this problem occurs more than once a week, then the risk of sleep disturbance increases up to 6 times in such people. According to the researchers, instrumental music alone plays a greater role in sleep disturbance than music accompanied by words.

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