The fourth edition of the UNESCO Global Education Monitoring 2020 Report is released, described the image of women in books as less effective or submissive | Fourth edition of Global Education Monitoring Report released, told the image of women in books less effective or submissive


  • In the books, while men are shown as doctors, women are shown nurses: reports
  • Women missing from Persian, 60 foreign language, 63 science and 74% social science books

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Jun 30, 2020, 06:32 PM IST

The United Nation Educational Scientific and Culture Organization (UNESCO) recently released its Global Education Monitoring Report 2020. In this report, the role of women in the curriculum of different countries is explained. According to the report, wherever women are included in books, they are shown to be less effective or submissive than traditional and men.

Women introvert and submissive in books

According to this fourth edition of the Annual Report, women are depicted in books as having a less prestigious profession. Not only this, the nature of women working in these professions is also described as introverted and submissive. To illustrate this, UNESCO, for example, states that while men are shown as doctors in books, the role of women is shown as a nurse.

Many decades were included

In its report, UNESCO also said that women are shown only in subjects related to food, fashion and entertainment. In various courses, women are shown in voluntary roles and men in paid jobs. However, the report also mentioned about the books of some countries which are trying to balance this role of women.

Women missing from 63% of science books

To illustrate this, the example of Afghanistan was taken where women were virtually missing in Grade I books in 1990. At the same time, after the change of books in 2001, women were included in it, but here too their roles were shown as submissive and domestic such as mother, hostess, daughter or sister. According to the UNESCO report, 60 percent of Persian and foreign languages, 63 of science and 74 percent of social science books have no picture of women.

The report mentioned in Maharashtra

The report also mentions the improvement in image in books by Maharashtra's 'Maharashtra State Bureau of Texbook Production and Curriculum Research' to remove gender stereotypes in 2019. In it, in the second grade book, women and men are seen doing household chores, where a woman doctor and a picture of a man were shown as chefs.

What is Global Education Monitoring Report?

The Global Education Monitoring Report is prepared by an independent team, later released by UNESCO. This report is based on the study of continuous development and efforts related to education. In the recently released report, textbooks in Italy, Spain, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, USA, Chilli, Morocco, Turkey, and Uganda refer to these stereotypes associated with women.


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