The dog went to the hospital ward for self-treatment, fearing the condition of the patients see photos


The dog rushed to the hospital ward itself for treatment, fearing that the patients were in bad condition


Have you ever noticed that a dog has gone to the hospital for his treatment? But, looking at the photo seen here, it looks like something like a dog has come to the hospital to get his treatment. News agency ANI has shared some photos of the district hospital of Moradabad in UP, in which a dog is sitting in a comfortable bed on the bed in the emergency ward of the hospital. Looking at him, it looks as if he has come to get his treatment.

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According to the information, the patients in the district hospital of Moradabad have complained about the dogs moving freely in the hospital. Patients say that dogs come and roam freely in the hospital, due to the negligence of the guards here, dogs enter any ward and climb on the beds and sit comfortably. With which they feel very threatened. One patient said, “Dogs enter the wards openly, when the guards sit carelessly. They come in, lie on the beds and spread germs. The patients are afraid not to bite them.”


See in the photo yourself how a dog is sitting on the bed very gracefully after going to the hospital ward. Looking at him, it looks as if he himself has come and has been admitted to the hospital for treatment. Because of the dogs moving freely in the hospital, the patients there are facing a lot of problems.


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