The cholesterol-lowering drug ‘Statins’ can treat ulcerative colitis, it reduces the risk of surgery along with reducing inflammation of the intestines. Cholesterol-lowering drug ‘Statins’ can treat ulcerative colitis, it reduces the risk of surgery along with reducing inflammation of the intestines

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  • Cholesterol Lowering Drug ‘Statins’ Can Treat Ulcerative Colitis, It Reduces The Risk Of Surgery Along With Reducing Inflammation Of The Intestines

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Intestinal disease ulcerative colitis can also be treated with ‘statins’, an inexpensive and effective cholesterol-lowering drug. The symptoms of ulcerative colitis can be reduced through this medicine. Researchers from Stanford University in California have made this claim in their research.

Researchers say the cholesterol-lowering drug prevents hospitalization of ulcerative colitis patients and reduces the risk of surgery. Although it is not yet clear how this drug improves the condition, but scientists believe that it prevents the progression of intestinal inflammation.

What is Ulcerative Colitis
Ulcerative colitis is an intestinal problem characterized by inflammation and irritation of the large intestine. In this disease, there are blisters in the colon and there is swelling in that part. If the symptoms of this disease are recognized in time, then it can be controlled with medicines. Delay in this case can lead to surgery.

If symptoms such as bloody diarrhea, abdominal pain-cramps, weight loss, fatigue and fever persist, consult a doctor.

How does this medicine work?
Ulcerative colitis is the most common stomach problem. This problem occurs when the colon and rectum become inflamed and ulcerated. Statins drug works to reduce this inflammation.

Stanford University Biomedical Expert Dr. Parvesh Khatri says, Statins are a safe drug. In addition to statins, patients with ulcerative colitis were given other anti-inflammatory drugs. As a result, patients got relief.

Researchers say, in the next phase of research, if the statins drug works better in patients with ulcerative colitis, then it can soon be made part of the treatment.

One in every 400 people with ulcerative colitis
According to researchers, one in every 400 people in the UK are suffering from ulcerative colitis. The situation is similar in America as well. One third of these patients require surgery. Long-term ulcerative colitis can cause problems such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, and frequent toilet visits.

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