The child used to reach school late because of the bus, this big change happened with a tweet


A child used to reach school late due to a bus, a tweet made a big change

Due to the bus, a child of Odisha was late in reaching school everyday, after which Odisha Transport took such a step, after which people are now praising Odisha Transport. Actually, a school student gets late to go to school everyday because of the changed time of the bus. After which Odisha Transport Department changed the timing of the bus to help the child reach the school on time. Please tell that a student named Sai Anvesh Amritam Pradhan of MBS Public School, Bhubaneswar (Bhubaneswar) tweeted and tweeted. Anvesh said that the reporting time at the school is at 7:30 am, while the first bus on Route No. 13 leaves from Lingipur at 7:40 am.

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Sai Anvesh tagged Urban Transport Bhubaneswar (CRUT) and its Managing Director IPS officer Arun Bothra in his tweet. Sai wrote, I want to tell that I am a student of MBS Public School, Bhubaneswar. I use Moe bus everyday to go to school. Nowadays the time of buses has been changed. I am facing a lot of difficulties, I will be very grateful if I can take immediate action on this.

A few hours after Sai’s tweet, IPS officer Arun Bothra replied, “Dear Sai, this bus runs because of passengers like you.” We are changing bus timings from Monday. Now the first bus will leave at 7 am and you will never be late for school.

After this move of Transport Department and IPS officer Arun Bothra, he is being praised on social media. One user wrote, ‘If every welfare decision of the government is taken in this way, then we will be a much better country.’



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