The bride and groom arrived to donate blood on the wedding day to save a young girl’s life


To save the life of the girl, the bride and groom left the wedding ceremony and donated blood.

The wedding day is a special day in everyone’s life and on this day the bride and groom are very busy in carrying out the rituals, but in Uttar Pradesh, the bride and groom did something on their wedding day, due to which they Have become an example. In order to save the life of a girl, the couple left the wedding rituals in the middle and went to the hospital and performed a blood donation (Couple donated blood on marriage day).

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Uttar Pradesh Police officer and ‘Police Friend’ Ashish Kumar Mishra has shared the information of this incident on Twitter. He wrote, ‘My India is great. One girl needed blood, no one was coming forward to donate blood, because she was someone else’s child. I would have done it if I were mine. Well, on the wedding day, the couple saved the girl’s life by donating blood.


Ashish Mishra has shared a photo of the couple donating blood, in which both are seen in the wedding couple. In the photo, the groom is lying on a stretcher and donating blood, while the bride is seen standing nearby in the wedding couple. After the photo went viral on social media, the couple is being praised a lot. Commenting on the photo, a user wrote, ‘These people are examples, everyone should wake up, for the common man.’


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