Tendulkar does not agree with the format of WTC, said- It is not right to decide Test champion by one test match | Tendulkar does not agree with the format of WTC, said- It is not right to decide Test champion by one match

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  • Tendulkar Does Not Agree With The Format Of WTC, Said It Is Not Right To Decide Test Champion By One Test Match

Mumbai21 minutes agoAuthor: Bikram Pratap Singh

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Team India will play the final match of the World Test Championship i.e. WTC against New Zealand in Southampton, England from June 18 to 22. The entire cricketing world is eyeing the match between these two teams, which are ranked number-1 and number-2 in the Test rankings. NewsBust India talked to Sachin Tendulkar, the batsman who scored the most international runs and centuries in the world about this final match. Sachin gave his detailed opinion on the possible combination of the Indian team, the conditions of England and the format of the Test Championship. You also read…

Question: The format of the final of the World Test Championship is being discussed a lot, many experts including Team India coach Ravi Shastri believe that the final should be the best of three, what do you believe?

answer: Teams of India and New Zealand have reached the finals by playing several Test series under the World Test Championship. It would have been better if the final was also played as a series and not as a match. If you have to play only one match in the final, then only one match of all the Test series before that should be made part of the Test Championship.

For example, if there are three or four matches in a series, then make one of its matches a part of the Test Championship and keep the rest of the matches out of it, but if the whole series is part of the Test Championship, then the final should also be a series. Although I can understand that nowadays the matches are happening more, so there may not have been time for the series.

Question: Before this match, there is a lot of talk on England’s conditions, how big a role can conditions play in the final?
answer: Could be a big role. Playing by condition is like driving a car. When the red signal comes, the vehicle has to be stopped. You proceed at the green signal. If the road is clear then you can drive fast by putting fourth gear. The same happens in a test match.

If the sky is cloudy and the pitch is wet then you have to play carefully. Once the crease is set, batting can be done faster. In the final also the condition will matter a lot. Players have to mold their game accordingly.

If Virat Kohli wins the toss in the final, should he bat first or bowl?
answer: This will also depend on the condition. If the pitch remains wet or the sky remains cloudy and such conditions are expected for a long time, then bowling first can be beneficial. On the other hand, if the weather is clear and there is less moisture in the pitch, then it can be good to bat first.

Question: According to the conditions of Southampton, in your opinion, what will be the combination of Team India in the final?
answer: India has three options.
first option: The team will go with 7 batsmen (including the wicketkeeper), three fast bowlers and one spinner.
The second option: Play 6 batsmen, 3 fast bowlers and 2 spinners.
Third option: Give chance to 6 batsmen, 4 fast bowlers and 1 spinner.
I think the team combination will be decided after looking at the pitch and condition before the match. Many times there are so many changes in the conditions that it is difficult to decide what the team combination is till a day before the match. Team India will decide it only after considering all the aspects.

Question: If you had to choose India’s bowling lineup, which fast bowlers would you include?
answer: If the team wants to go with three fast bowlers, then Ishant, Bumrah, Shami and Siraj can play three. If four fast bowlers have to be included, then Shardul Thakur can get a chance. Shardul bats well. So in the case of four fast bowlers, he can get a chance.

Which bowler can prove to be the trump card for India in the final match?
answer: All our bowlers have their own specialty. Bumrah’s action is different. They present a different kind of challenge to the batsmen. Mohammed Shami bowls faster than you see on TV, in reality he bowls much faster. Siraj has a youthful spirit. Ishant provides good swing and seam.

Question: Which New Zealand players can prove to be a big threat to Team India?
answer: New Zealand’s team is also very balanced. They have strike bowlers like Trent Boult, Tim Southee. After this, bowlers like Neil Wagner, Colin de Grand Home are there for support. I think the Kiwis will rely more on Bolt and Saudi in the final match. These are very good bowlers.

Question: What about the batting of both the teams?
answer: Team India has an upper hand in batting. India has players capable of batting well in all conditions.

Question: Ever since you started playing, if you look at it, our team did well in England from 1990 to 2007, but from 2011 onwards our performance in England got weak, why?
answer: Taking 20 wickets is necessary to win a Test match, but scoring runs is equally important. We didn’t get enough runs in the last few series in England. Due to lack of big partnership, our runs were short. I think that’s one of the big reasons why we haven’t done very well in England in recent times.

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