Telegram once again mocked whatsapp shared this funny meme


Telegram once again mocked Whatsapp, shared Funny Meme

After WhatsApp announced a change in its privacy policy, thousands of distressed users on other messaging apps hinted at an increase in data sharing with parent company Facebook. Announced his decision to switch. Let us know that after the announcement of WhatsApp last week, the popularity of messaging apps such as Telegram and Signal increased, with a large number of new users added to both services. Telegram, which emerged as one of the top choices of WhatsApp, made a lot of mockery of WhatsApp’s users.

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After earlier mocking WhatsApp’s new policy of sharing user data with Facebook with the classic two Spider-Man memes, Telegram has now shared another meme on the messaging app. On Sunday, Telegram tweeted a coffin meme with a snapshot of WhatsApp’s updated privacy policy. Coffin Dancers is a group of Paulbearers in Ghana who perform at funerals. Last year the black comic coffin Dancers Meems was originated, when a video of PaulBearners became very viral on social media.

Take a look at Telegram’s tweet below:

So far, more than 2 lakh likes and thousands of comments have come on this meme of Telegram created on WhatsApp.

A few days ago, Telegram shared another ‘No Caption Need’ meme share on WhatsApp.

Meanwhile, the messaging app Signal also celebrated their rise in popularity. On Saturday, it shared a snapshot, which shows the signal in the list of free apps, and re-enters WhatsApp to another location.


Explain that Signal is an encrypted, privacy-focused messaging app. Like Signal, Telegram also focuses on users’ privacy, giving users the option to use its secret chat feature to bring full-to-end encryption of chat.


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