Telangana realtor struck a pot of gold while digging a plot, finds antique ornaments



The fate of a person associated with real estate in Telangana shone when he found a treasure buried in the ground during the excavation. In Telangana, a realtor found a pot full of gold during the excavation of the plot. Ancient pottery was kept in the pot, which is used to decorate the idols.

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The realtor had got an 11-acre piece of land on par with the Hyderabad-Warangal National Highway in Pembarthi village in Jangaon district of Telangana, during which he got a copper pot. The people engaged in the task of equalizing the land saw the pot breaking and there were gold and silver ornaments in it.

It is being told that there were 1.727 kilograms of silver jewelery in the pot, while gold jewelery weighing 187.45 grams. This includes earrings, nose rings, pearls, anklets and other things.

As soon as the news of getting the treasure spread, the villagers have gathered and according to religious traditions, they burnt incense sticks and offered flowers and garlands along with burning coconut at that place. It is believed that this treasure belongs to a goddess.


However, Narasimhulu, the owner of the land, will not get to keep the jewelry. To find out whether the ground is under any further pressure, more digging will be done in the ground.

The district’s Additional Collector NewsBust India has taken charge of the treasury under the Indian Treasure Trove Act 1878. He said that the jewelery will be kept in the Warangal Urban District Treasury. It is expected that archaeological experts will study jewelery.


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