Telangana: Rama Devi, a differently-abled woman from Hyderabad has started selling fruits to sustain her livelihood – Disabled woman forced to beg after losing her husband



After Telangana’s death of her husband in Hyderabad, her life became very painful, after almost two years, she has now found a way to earn. He has started selling fruits to feed himself and his three children. Two years ago, the Divyang woman lost her husband, after which she was forced to raise her three children and even begged to feed them.

In Hyderabad, a woman named Rama Devi has started selling fruits to maintain her livelihood. This was a very special occasion for him, when he started a business for Ajivika.

Speaking to news agency ANI, Rama Devi said, “I lost my husband two years ago and I have three children.” In the last two years I have begged in the streets, but now I have started my business. “With this business, the future of not only Rama Devi but also her three children depends.


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