Tejashwi Yadav questions Nitish kumar over job, migration, industrial and other development within 15 years – Bihar election


Tejashwi issued a statement saying that we want to ask the following questions related to unemployment, migration and industrialization: –

1. Why is Bihar most unemployed in the country? NDA government of 15 years should tell why IT companies were not called in Bihar? Why did not you come and why could not you come? Why can't IT parks and SEZs be built in Bihar?

2. Bihar, Banana, Corn, Makhana, Rice, Sugarcane, Potato, Litchi, Mango, etc., produce so many world famous cereals, fruits, vegetables, so why not all these related food processing industries were set up in 15 years and Why can't we? 15 years government answer?

3. Bihar buys fish from other states like Andhra Pradesh? The government of 15 years should tell why despite having all the fish production related resources in Bihar, such a system was not developed here? By promoting fish production in Bihar, why can't we increase the income and production of fishermen by setting up a district-wise fish market?

4. Tell Nitish Sarkar of 15 years, why can't industry-specific clusters be set up in Bihar?

5. Tell the government for 15 years, why big dairy related industries cannot be set up in Bihar? Why can't Bihar's milk, ghee, butter, cheese, cheese, khoya etc. be sent to other states and countries?

6. Tell the government of 15 years, what did they do for the weaver industry, small scale industry and handloom industry? Why are these industries not being promoted on a large scale?

7. There are immense possibilities of tourism in Bihar. Why should he not develop Bihar as a tourist center till 15 years of government?

8. Why does the government not make appointments on more than four and a half lakh vacancies pending in various departments?

9. Why doesn't the government of 15 years make the appointment, recruitment examination and procedure transparent and regular?

10. Why does the government not accept the demand for our domicile policy, which provides for 90 percent job reservation for permanent residents of Bihar?

11. The government of 15 years should tell how many jobs you have provided in Bihar in 15 years?
In the same way, there are many more.
12. District and class wise data of total appointments made in 15 years?

13. What was the total migration from Bihar in 15 years? Why is migration in Bihar increasing at an unprecedented rate?

14. How many industries and businesses started in Bihar in 15 years?

15. How many sugar mills, jute mills, paper mills and other industries and factories closed already in 15 years and how much revenue and employment opportunities were lost to Bihar?

16. In 15 years, how many lakh crores of Bihar went to other states in the name of education and medicine?

17. What percentage of Bihar's human resources are employed in Bihar and other states?

Tejaswi wrote, "Hope the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister will surely answer these urgent questions related to the future of crores of unemployed youth of Bihar."

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