Tejashwi Yadav Nitish Kumar; Bihar Election 2020 | Dinara Gaya Dulhinganj Locals Voters Political Debate On Tejashwi Yadav Nitish Kumar | Told that time, they repented and ate sweets, but in the light of Nitish, do not make mistakes in the way of Kehwa, Lalu Yadav said that Ekra has teeth in his stomach

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  • Tejashwi Yadav Nitish Kumar; Bihar Election 2020 | Dinara Gaya Dulhinganj Locals Voters Political Debate On Tejashwi Yadav Nitish Kumar

Dinara21 minutes agoAuthor: Vikas Kumar

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Belong to? Ka hoi emery? Extinguish? Nitish Pheru Chief Minister Baniye’s’… 40-45 year old man asked a direct question to the gentleman in front of a plate made of newspaper paper tearing, just adding khurma sweets from the stove! The khurma of Ara district is similarly famous. If you do not know then do Google. If you get a chance, definitely taste this dried sweet of chena. You will not be able to live without saying ‘wow’. Ramsubhag Singh says that he has seen how many debates started with the taste of this khurma and reached the conclusion.

In fact, the questions that were thrown towards him, he smiled in a hurry. Did not say anything. But, next to him, a boy who was drinking tea in a small cup of plastic was no more – said, ‘Person, good baran Nitish. Kamo is alright. Roadway. Today there would be electricity, but 15 years was very cold. In such a day, the child becomes young. Ehila sometimes feels that the change is desired.

One of the many characteristics of Bihar is that if the talk started here, it goes to the far end. Nothing ends in between. Especially when it is election season, things are like rubber, here. And when the matter is about the Bhojpur area, which holds historical heritage from the cultural-political perspective, then the matter is different.

This conversation is on the way from Ara to Sasaram. The name of the place is Dulhiganj. Town is a market. Most of the shops in the market are pallet. There are shops ranging from tea, samosa and sweets to make-up. There are also betel loops. We have arrived at a dessert shop. The intention was only to drink tea, but Khurma’s tricky debate with shame forced him to sit at the shop.

As soon as the young man finished talking, the elderly, about 70 years old, kept down the cup of tea and said, ‘There has been a lot of decline in politics Babu. I have seen all the elections. I have seen many governments. There was never such opportunism today. From Nitish to Tejashwi, everyone is working hard to come to power. There is a loss of service from politics.

Perhaps no one present there expected such a serious comment. The gatherings calmed down for a while. The boy, who was speaking before the elder, said softly, ‘You are saying right, Baba. The decline has come. Both in politicians and in public. See, most corruption is happening at the level of the head. Looted. The chief is collecting money in the bag.

For a moment it seemed that the attitude of this political discussion in the Dulhinganj market had changed, but the young man who had just entered the shop suddenly appeared in front. As he intervened in the debate leading to political purity, he said, ‘It was like that all the time. There was never a golden age. Do not regret it After the election results, Nitish ji will real regret. The BJP has put them in Nagpash with its lamp. ‘

Baba, who had spoken about the decline in politics a while back, smiled and walked out of the shop and said, ‘Dekhti. Told at that time, that he repented and ate sweets, but in the light of Nitish, Kehu should not make mistakes. Lalu Yadav said that Ekra is a tooth in the stomach. Before Lalu Yadav, long ago the Ghagh Kahle Kehtaan-e na Janih j Ghagh Nirbhudhi. Everyone is saying something or something. Ekgo is an empty Nitishe, J ghagh is a bitthal. ‘

After this statement, there is just a little smile and a slight smile. It is understandable that this is an honor for Baba’s age and experience. I too have left the point of debate and moved forward. This debate has also shown a picture.

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