Team India poor record in New Zealand South Africa England continues | World Test Championship Final | Team India won only 3 Tests out of 25 in England, New Zealand and South Africa in the last 10 years; Pakistan won 4 out of 21 Tests

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  • Team India Poor Record In New Zealand South Africa England Continues | World Test Championship Final

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New Zealand defeated India to become the World Test Champion. In the final, Kiwi team defeated India by 8 wickets. This is Team India’s 18th defeat in a total of 25 Tests in England (E), New Zealand (N) and South Africa (S) in the last 10 years. Among Asian countries, India’s record in the SEN is worse than Pakistan. Team India has won only 3 Tests during this period and 4 matches were drawn.

Talking about Pakistan, it has played 21 Tests in these 3 countries in the last 10 years and has won 4 matches. The team has lost 14 matches and drawn 3 Tests. Whereas, Sri Lanka also has a better record than India in these 3 countries. The team has played 24 Tests during this period and won 4. Sri Lankan team lost in 15 matches and 5 matches were drawn.

Pakistan most successful in England
Talking about England only, in the last 10 years, Pakistan has won the most matches there among Asian countries. The Pakistan team has played 9 Tests on the soil of England since 2011. Won 3 of these. While the team lost 4 and drew 2 matches. India has played 15 Tests and could win only 2 matches. Team India lost 12 matches and 1 test was drawn.

Team India fails in seam-swing countries
England, New Zealand and South Africa are countries where the ball swings and seams a lot. Team India is failing completely in these countries only. Since 2011, India has played 14 Tests against the English team in England. Out of this, the team won only 2 Tests and lost 11 matches.

Team India lost 3 consecutive series in England
At the same time, Pakistan’s record is better than Team India in this too. Pakistan team played 9 Tests and won 3 of them. The team had to face defeat in 4 matches and 2 matches were drawn. Team India lost the 2011, 2014 and 2018 Test series in England.

Pakistan also successful in New Zealand
Pakistan has also been the most successful country in Asia in the last 10 years in New Zealand. During this, the team has played 6 Tests there and won 1. Whereas, India has played 4 Tests and out of which the team lost in 3. At the same time, 1 test was a draw.

Sri Lanka more successful than India in South Africa
India has played 6 Test matches in the last 10 years on South African soil. Out of this, the team won 1 match and lost in 3 matches. At the same time, 2 matches were drawn. Sri Lanka is ahead of Team India in this matter. Sri Lanka team has played 10 Tests. Out of this they won 3 matches and lost 7 matches.

No player from India in top-10 run scorer in SENA countries
In SENA ie South Africa, England, New Zealand and Australia countries, since 2011, no Indian batsman is also included in the top-10 run scorer. In this case, Virat Kohli has scored the most runs for India, but overall he is at number 15.

Kohli has scored 2946 runs in 33 Tests in SENA in the last 10 years. At the same time, New Zealand captain Kane Williamson has scored 4834 runs in 58 Tests in SENA countries. He is at number six in this matter.

Joe Root of England has scored the most runs in SENA since 2011. He has scored 6187 runs in 79 matches. This includes 13 centuries and 38 fifties. At the same time, David Warner is at number two. He has scored 6001 runs in 66 matches.

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