Tea seller gives tea in Rajinikanth style tapariwala’s swag will surprise you of taking money see viral video


Rajinikanth gives tea in style, this tapariwala will surprise you by taking money

There are many fans of Rajinikanth around the world. Some people are such a big fan of Rajinikanth that he lives everywhere in Rajinikanth’s style, trying to do all his work in his style. But have you seen any tea seller giving tea in Rajinikanth Style yet? If you have not seen, then see now. This chaiwala is becoming very viral on social media for the idea of ​​giving tea in her Rajinikanth style. This chaiwala not only offers tea but its swag is also unique.

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This stylish chaiwala is from Nagpur and its shop is famous as Dolly Ki Tapri. How popular is this chaiwala, you can guess from this that its video has received more than 1 lakh likes and more than 46 thousand comments have been received on Facebook. This stylish chaiwala not only serves tea to customers in a unique way, but also welcomes people in such a way that anyone becomes a fan of it.



At the same time, now serving the tea on social media, its video is creating a boom. In the viral video, you can see that it not only serves tea in a unique way, but it also puts milk in tea with great style. His style of taking money from customers is also very much discussed. Apart from this, you see how much style it raises and holds the tea glass. Let us know that even among the youth, Dolly’s tapri is quite famous.


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