Tata Motors ran fiercely, shares jumped 21% during trading, investors earned Rs 88 on a share today | Shares of Tata Motors jumped 21%, the company gave a return of about 290% in one year

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  • Tata Motors Ran Fiercely, Shares Jumped 21% During Trading, Investors Earned Rs 88 On A Share Today

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Today i.e. on Wednesday, the shares of Tata Motors of Tata Group saw a great rise. The stock has run fiercely after the news of TPG’s big investment. Shares of Tata Motors closed at Rs 509.70 with a gain of 21.11% on NSE. The stock touched the level of 526 during trading. With this the stock reached its new high. Shares of Tata Motors closed at Rs 421 on Tuesday.

Shares jumped 66.51% in one month
The share price of Tata Motors was Rs 306.10 on September 14, which has increased by 66.51% in the last one month to reach above Rs 509 today. With this, the company’s market cap has crossed Rs 1.69 lakh crore.

Return of around 290% in one year
This share of Tata Group has proved to be a multibagger for investors. The stock of Tata Motors has given a return of about 290% in the last one year. The share price on 14 October 2020 was Rs 130.70. On the other hand, if we talk about so far in 2021, then the stock has strengthened 170%.

The market cap of Tata Group has crossed Rs 23.45 lakh crore. In October itself, it has increased by Rs 1.18 lakh crore. The group’s market cap as on September 30 was Rs 22.35 lakh crore. The market cap of the Tata Group is more than the market cap of the Mukesh Ambani Group at 18.23 lakh crores.

Strong jump in the shares of Tata Group
Tata Group shares have seen a huge jump in October. In October, Tata Motors gained 49%, TTML 43%, Tata Power 41%, Tata Motors DVR 25% and Tata Invest 24%.

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala also has investment in the company
Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, who is called the Big Bull of the stock market, holds 1.1% stake in Tata Motors. His portfolio includes 37,750,000 shares of the company. According to today’s fast, the share of Tata Motors has increased from Rs 421 to Rs 507. That is, the stock has gained about 20% or Rs 85. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala has made more than Rs 300 crore profit in terms of 37,750,000 shares.

Reasons for the rise in the stock
TPG Rice Climate will invest around Rs 7,500 crore in Tata Motors’ electric vehicle business. The deal was done at a valuation of $91 billion. This investment will strengthen the balance sheet and increase the company’s focus on EV. Due to this news, there was a great rally in the stock.

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