Tamilnadu elections BJPs tejasvi surya calls DMK anti hindu asserts hindutva politics


Tejashwi Surya called DMK an ‘anti-Hindu’ party in Tamil Nadu.


Tejashwi Surya, the president of the Bharatiya Janata Party’s Yuva Morcha, was in Tamil Nadu on Sunday and he appeared to be quite the attacker against the Dravida Munnetra Kanagam (DMK) here. Describing the party as ‘anti-Hindu’, Tejashwi said that MK Stalin’s party would have to be defeated because ‘just BJP is a party that respects and promotes all languages ​​in India’.

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In a BJYM event, Tejashwi Surya said that ‘DMK represents a bad and dangerous ideology here, which is anti-Hindu. Every Tamil is a proud Hindu. This is such a holy earth, where there are most temples in the country. Every inch of Tamil Nadu is sacred, but DMK is anti-Hindu, so we have to defeat them. He emphasized that his party represents the soul of Tamil Nadu and the Tamil language.

He said, ‘If Tamil has to be saved, then Hindutva has to be won. If Kannada is to be saved then Hindutva will have to win. BJP represents the soul of Tamil Nadu and Tamil language.


Surya said that the family is the party for the DMK, while for the BJP, the party is the family. During his speech, he said that ‘Anti-Hindu ideology of DMK has to be challenged. When they are in power, they attack Hindu institutions and faith, but when out of power, Hindus ask for votes, this will not happen.

Let us know that assembly elections are due in Tamil Nadu by the end of this year.


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