Take care not only for entertainment but also for precautions, do not make the mistake of removing masks; Eat only hot food | No risk of corona due to no ventilation in theaters; Take care not only entertainment but also precautions, do not make the mistake of removing masks


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  • PVR has set a budget of Rs 6 crore for audience safety, this includes the cost of sanitizer
  • Many big movies have been released on OTT due to the theater being closed, now the owners have expectations from the film "Suryavanshi" and "83"

India is slowly coming out of lockdown. The things that have been closed for months have been opened one by one under the unlock process, but still many sectors are looking for the permission of the government. One of these sectors is entertainment. Theaters, which are buzzing with audiences every Friday, have been closed for nearly 25 weeks. However, the Unlock 4 guidelines are expected to open theaters in October. If this happens, this news will prove to be good news for cine lovers and theater people.

Theater owners are also constantly appealing to the government to start theaters. In addition, the Multiplex Association of India has already sent the Center to the Center by creating SOP based on the global standard so that theaters can be opened as soon as possible.

In the Corona era we have to take care of entertainment as well as precautions and safety. Rajesh Kumar, the head of the Department of Microbiology at Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University in Lucknow and Professor Rajesh Kumar, does not consider it safe to watch the film in the theater.

How to take care of basic safety?
Masks, sanitizers and distancing required

  • Professor Rajesh says that if you are going to watch a movie, first prepare a kit that includes a mask, sanitizer. Keep alcohol wipes with you if possible. Keep in mind that there is no way to avoid Kovid 19 altogether. In such a situation, you have to be cautious about the use of masks by your family as well.
  • In the theater, try to avoid some food and drink, but if you eat something, remove the mask. Apart from this, take special care of social distancing and hand cleaning. Before touching your face or clothes, make sure to sanitize the hands properly.

Why the mask inside the theater?

  • Poor Ventilation: One way to avoid coronavirus is good ventilation, which is not usually found in cinemas. Air circulation is good in many theaters, but there is still a possibility of coronavirus floating in the air.
  • Indoor: According to experts, it is safer to stay outside than inside, but while watching an hour-long movie, you are spending more time in a small space among many people. In such a situation, the chances of droplets coming out of someone else's breath increases.
  • Darkness and peace: We have seen many such people before, who roam in public places without masks. Whereas, the theater has a dark and serene atmosphere. Here you cannot find out who is not wearing a mask. In such a situation it is necessary to cover your face.

How safe is a movie theater with family?

  • The Centers for Disease Prevention and Control have also included movie theaters in high risk activities. You cannot completely avoid the risk of coronavirus anywhere. If you are taking care of your kind of precautions then the risk can be reduced to a great extent.
  • If you are going to watch a film with your family, then sit as far away from others as possible. Tell members not to touch any surface. During this, take special care of the touch of the elderly and children.

What precautions should be taken in the bathroom?

  • Theaters are already making arrangements such as sanitizers and hand washes to protect the audience. You have to take care of their use after reaching there.
  • Experts recommend people to wash their hands twice before using public restrooms. Wash hands after going to the bathroom and wash hands before coming out. At least try to touch any surface.

Seat cleaning may be a good solution
According to the CDC, the surface may not be the main source of coronavirus outbreaks. However, this dose depends on how much virus a person needs to get sick. If possible, clean the seat surface with alcohol wipes included in the kit. Theater companies abroad are also cleaning up between movie shows.

Right choice of theater and show
If you have made up your mind to watch a movie in the theater itself, then choose such cinema hall and show time when the crowd is less. In such a situation, you will at least come in contact with others. Choose a large movie theater so that you can easily follow social distancing while watching a movie.

Online ticket booking
CEOs of multiplex companies say that they have prepared for paperless tickets, distance between seats, long breaks and sanitizing between shows. Buy tickets with the help of online apps to avoid ticket lines and congestion. Maybe you get a great offer.

SOPs include masks, thermal scanning, sanitizers as well as lobby-railings and regular cleaning of doors. Also, the two screen shows will not start simultaneously. This will not create congestion in multiplexes and social distancing will be followed.

Is eating something right while watching a movie?
Professor Kumar says that if food is hot then it is safe, but if it is cold and there is dirt around, then avoid it. Wash your hands with soap instead of sanitizer before eating food, because many times traces are kept even after cleaning hands with sanitizer. Many poor quality sanitizers are also available in the market, whose chemicals can harm you.



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